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    Illustrators, Designers, Musicians, Street Artists, Photographers, Social Changers and More...These are the people that give us our existence. We choose to give all of our time and energy to the group of people that always influence the world. Has anyone ever told you to be careful what you wish for? Well we wished for a bigger purpose and guess what WE GOT IT.

    At House of Legends Threads we commit to three simple principles daily:

    1. Create awesome fashion & lifestyle products.
    2. Collaborate with young creatives and independent designers, while being an advocate for their development.
    3. Use our retail for good and give back to creatives across the globe.

    Created in the backdrop of sunny Florida, a group of young creatives decided to pursue retail and giving back all in one. When we launched House of Legends Threads, the plan was very clear. Build a retail platform for young creatives and give them a dedicated channel to present their products in retail, while removing their barriers to entry. Desiring to not be like others, we strive for a more intimate relationship with our young creatives and build cool products together while improving their personal brands.

    Our amazing creatives bring awesome combinations of street wear, casual comfort designs, wall art and other accessories that inspire living life out loud. As a team we just want to create cool products, have fun and change the world.